Services Offered

Full Service Lawn maintenance: Weekly lawn maintenance program includes:

Cutting lawn
Edge trim driveway, sidewalks, beds and islands
Weed whip areas in lawn
Blow lawn clean
We use mulching mowers to return nutrients to the
soil to provide natural nitrogen and ease the load
on local land fills.

Hedge Trimming\Pruning and Chain saw work: Includes:

In addition to hedge trimming we also offer pruning of
ornamental bushes, trees and Crape Myrtles. Tree\branch
pruning to certain heights with pole chain saw. Can haul
away debris if required. Small chain saw jobs.

Spring Core Aerations for Bermuda and Zoysia grass: Core aeration helps the lawn's health and vigor, and it
reduces maintenance requirements. The following are other
benefits of core aeration:

Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
Enhanced soil water uptake.
Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
Reduced water runoff and puddling.
Improved turf grass rooting.
Reduced soil compaction. Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.
Improved resiliency and cushioning.
Enhanced thatch breakdown.

Fall Fescue Over seeding, Core Aeration & Soil Preparation: Fall is the ideal time to build and re-plenish fescue lawns.
The aeration process is the most important factor in getting
new seed to germinate. A premium TURF-TYPE Tall fescue seed
and correct watering habits follow a close second.

We use walk behind Core Aerators, A Premium Fescue seed and Lesco
Starter fertilizer on all our complete seeding and overseedings.
We can provide as much aerating as needed to get lawn to the
proper stage for the seeding process. We can also provide cutting
and bagging of lawn prior to aeration & seeding.

Pine Straw and Mulch installations: We can install long needle or slash pine straw for your islands and beds.
We can also install almost any type of mulch you would like for your
islands and beds. We also offer bed and island clean ups along with pine
straw and mulch installations.

Leaf and Property clean up: We also offer leaf clean up for your property and can haul away
sticks and debris.

Winter Lawn Cut: Cut and bag warm season lawns to correct wither height.

Small area landscape renovation and new sod installation: We also offer landscape services including sod installations
for your property.